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N & J's on the way
"A Valuable Community Service You'll Appreciate!"

*Update: a HUGE Thank-You to the Tripod Technical Team for fixing our website! It looks GREAT once again w/it's original background color (Deep Blue Print); again, THANK-YOU Tripod Technical Team Members! N & J Odd Jobs.

 A Unique Company Concept in Southern, NH.

10 Years in Business!
*Open: Daily, by Appt. starting @ 10am. until 12Midnight.

 Tel. (603) 867-1520

Specializing in "Odd Job Commodities" such as:

*   Junk, Debris, Brush & Clutter Removal / Foreclosure & Estate Clean-outs / Storage Units & Lockers Emptied

* A+ Professional Moving Assistance: ( I Help You Move :-) flat-rate pricing or by an hourly-rate starting @ $29. per hr. depending upon the size of your move + a low $25. travel fee (outside of Manchester, NH.)  I HELP you load & unload your moving truck w/you.  Offering "Same Day &/or Night + Next Day Moves."  Have me help move you today; *Norman of  N & J

* Bldg. Maintenance: basic knowledge in construction, carpentry, minor electrical, minor plumbing, & maintaining property grounds; Mechanically inclined w/strategic thinking in trouble shooting & solving problems once & for all. 

* High Pressure Washing / Apt. / House Eviction Trash-outs / Remodels (Seasonal) Opening / Closing up of small cottages / camps.

* Furniture / Appliance Pick-up & Delivery.

* Year-round Articulate Landscaping (We Lawn Mow, Leaf Blow & Rake to Bag Leaves, Trim back Hedges, Weed Whack, Plant Gardens or even ❀ (Flowers) for you, Bark Mulch (Organic or Stone), Stack Cord Wood, Shovel ❄Snow☃, Salt + Sand Walkways & Driveways). Don't want to clean ❄snow☃ &/or ice off your car & roof?  You don't have to; We'll do it for you - just $12. per auto & when we're done, your ride will look like it didn't snow @ all - Imagine that! (Manchester, NH. only.)

*   Coming Soon! {Evenings} N & J's P.D.S. [Public Driver Service] *Cheaper than public taxi rates!  Don't want to or can't drive?  Forget calling a cab; We'll drive you, just call & schedule.  *Flat rated @ just $10. = 1 pick-up & drop-off ANYWHERE in Manchester, NH.  

* A.C. Units Installed & RemovedInstalling or Replacing Storm Doors / Storm Door Restorations (a procedure that can actually be done to make an old storm door last as if it was new again.) / Caulking Windows, Doors, Bathroom Tiles, Around your tub, Etc. / Window Measuring & Blind Installations / Installing or Replacing Light Fixtures incl. Ceiling Fans / Minor, Inside & Outside Quick Fixer-Uppers / Repairs - don't buy new; call us, we'll odd job the old [fixing it] making it last & work again as if it was new (we're like McGyver when it comes to tooln' things).  

* R.T.A. Furniture to include: Interior Furniture, Backyard Patio Furniture, Fitness Equipment & Baby items such as Cribs, Swings, Rockers, Strollers, Etc. assembled.

* Auto Jump Starts

* General Courier Service / Errands: even if your in another state & need our "1 of a kind" general courier service or your errands ran while away (e.g. pay an overdue bill; documents  needing to be picked up & delivered to meet a deadline or for that matter, immediately faxed to you; hand delivery of $$$ to somebody on your behalf; etc.) simply wire us the $$$ + our fee through Western Union via their website & consider your run - DONE!

* Restaurant Take-out Deliveries (Manchester, NH. only) take-out from restaurants such as: The Puritan Backroom, Aloha, The Yard, Longhorn Steakhouse, TGI Friday's,  Goldenrod, Pappy's Pizza, etc. (hint: the food @ these places is excellent & they don't deliver but we do!)  Delivery Charge = $12.

* General In-House Cleaning / Office &/or Residential Organizing / Interior Design.

* Private In-Home PC Instruction for Beginners / Computer Installations / Cable T.V. Extensions.

* Grocery Runs / Christmas Shopping / Exterior Halloween & Christmas Lighting

*  N & J's Company Companionship: Lonely?  Need some company?  Call us!  You can have us come over & watch movies, sports or even reality t.v., take us to a Club/ Broadway Show, book us for a Dinner/Wedding Date, Ball/Hockey Game, Concert, to brighten up a Holiday, Birthday or just a Special Day you wish to celebrate; etc.  Our comical personality combination consisting of: Jim Belushi, Jim Carrey & Adam Sandler will be sure to Razzle, Dazzle you!  Whenever you need an x-tra person, partner or even a date, we'll be more than happy to accommodate you on that special occasion/exciting venture you've been meaning to share it with. ;-) (*Since our time is valuable due to running this business, a reasonable hrly. rate applies).  *Now offering a discounted rate.  The discounted rate will always apply to regular clients using this service. "You're not alone out there, we're here for you as a Company Companion you'll feel like you've known a lifetime; Count on us!*Your Host: Mr. Norman M. Milliard Jr.        

*  (rain) or (shine): Whatever your "odd jobs" are we'll do, even if it's just needing an extra set of hands to finish up a project you might be working on, Concierge Services, Etc; Call N & J ODD JOBS ~ from our , we take pride in "helping you" anyway we can at anytime for anything ~ Instant Manpower @ your request.

Need Help, but low on $$$?  NO Problem! 

* Check-this-out!  We also deal in "Bartering."  We're willing to trade/perform any of our odd job services in exchange for items such as: Cars, Limos, Trucks, Motorcycles, Mopeds, Dirt bikes, ATV's, Go-Carts, Skidoo's, Jetski's, Boats, RV's, Trailers of all sorts or whatever items of value you might have to include vacations (resort time sharing); we're open to any & all bartering negotiations.

[** SPECIALS **] 

(1) Save $2.00 per hour on odd job: "Year-round Articulate Landscaping."

(2) Save $10.00 on odd jobs: Junk, Debris, Brush & Clutter Removal or Apartment/House Trash-outs.

(3) Save $10.00 on odd job: Window Measuring & Blind Installations.

(4) Spend @ least $175.00 on any odd job(s) listed above & we'll send you a rebate check in the amount of $10.00 to use towards whatever you may need during these tough economic times.

(5) Senior Citizen Discounts provided.                                                                                                                  

* Special #'s 1 - 3 good towards your 1st. odd job. Special # 4, a rebate check equaling $10.00 will be mailed  (U.S. Mail) with  invoice following the completion of your odd job(s).  1 special per service call. Specials cannot be combined with any other offers.  Offer specials never  expire.  *Must mention that you saw "N & J ODD JOBS" advertised online 

*Reasonable Rates, Most Jobs Flat-Rated, Open: Daily, by Appt. starting @ 10am. until 12Midnight; Closed Holidays.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Tel. (603) 867-1520 

Fax (603) 935-9867

Companies looking to contract job assignments with us, please call 1st. before faxing your work orders. 

* Call, Fax or E-mail today; we're ready & waiting to serve you!

* 29 years experience "Helping People" with their everyday odd jobs; we've been doing this on & off since we were 18 & decided to make it our 1st. business.

* Established: 3/17/2005 / Registered w/the State of NH. (Business ID# 772636) & the B.B.B. of NH. / *Working on obtaining General Liability Comprehensive Insurance... 

* Based in Manchester, NH. & Serving NH. from Laconia, down to Boston, Ma.   

★ V.I.P.  Dependable, Reliable, Friendly, Courteous & Honest Trustworthy Business dedicated to meeting your simplest needs. Last minute situation?  Call Us!  If we say we do it (in accordance to this advertisement); Simply stated: "Consider-it-Done!"  *All ☎ calls, text messages & emails returned via N & J's quick answer response system with-in 48 hrs.  Residential & Business Accounts Welcomed.  N & J's Company Policy: Any odd job services totaling $300. or more will require a 50% down payment before work is begun. / **Accepted forms of payment = Cash, Personal/Business Checks, A.T.M. Debit Cards ($$$ withdrawn 1st.)Money Grams, Western Union $$$ Orders, Bank Transfers & Bartering Items (listed above). *Commodities/Info. listed in White = Our Specialty Services.

Note: Save this site now to the "Favorites" folder on your computer; Why? "At any point & time somebody will need Valuable Help in some form or another - the reason & sole purpose N & J ODD JOBS 
was designed." 

Why odd job commodities you ask?  "When you know your good @ something you stick with it. We also enjoy helping people by way of offering our odd jobs we do, to you." Rated # ❶ - The ♛ (King) for odd jobs!


307 Manchester St. Ste. 1F.
Manchester, NH. 03103  
*After completion of any odd job services we do for our clients, you inturn receive a full invoice via U.S. Mail; Thank-You...

★ N & J's ODD BLOG 
News / Views & Comedy Column
  Updated News & Views coming soon... 
 Special Thanks to Britney Spears for following us on as of 4/19/09.
AMERICA is Crumbling!
 The '07 - '18 Economy = O.M.G x 2!   
Unemployment #'s equaling No Jobs skyrocketing @ a rate we havn't seen in years! Prices that keep going up & up!  Why should Americans have to suffer during tough economic times to a point where we can't even afford to live anymore?
Take a Stand! 
- Vote -
Lower U.S. prices to back-in-the-day & keep them that way;  Save the U.S.A & have us all chanting: "Hooray!"
Taking us out of the red & putting us back-in-black FOREVER. 
Cheaper living = $$$ to start new companies "creating jobs" that are in 'serious demand' now!  A simple & logical approach to fixing the economy.
for ALL now!"

*Please, send our biz. link via email to The White House: 1 simple decision our President can make before it's too late, turning the economy around for good!

"Looking out for others 1st.!"
Mr. Norman M. Milliard
Owner Personal Assistant

Mission Statement:
"Dedicated to helping people solve 
their simplest needs."
Thank-You for visiting us on the web.
                              N & J ODD JOBS

Questions, Comments or Concerns?
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Yahoo I.M: NMilliard

N & J's P.D.S. coming soon.